Ep11 - Precision Medicine 101

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020
Did you know there was a time when no one knew about blood groups so no one knew to check the blood group of a blood donor before transfusion? There was also a time when a patient’s treatment could not be tailored to their DNA changes. But none of that happens today. Do you know why? And do you know how? Listen to Dr. Sabah Kadri break down precision medicine and its revolutionary effects on the patient care in this extremely engaging episode. We take a anecdote-filled roller coaster from the 1800s to 2020. Enjoy the ride!.

Show Notes


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Sabah Kadri, PhD

Sabah Kadri, PhD

Dr. Sabah Kadri has a background in Computer Engineering with a PhD in Computational Biology from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Kadri leads a team of bioinformaticians and scientists to design, develop and implement cloud-based computational infrastructure and containerized bioinformatics software in clinical diagnostic services for germline and somatic next generation sequencing (NGS) testing. She has experience building clinical diagnostics pipelines and systems for adult and pediatric diseases and continues to work on informatics solutions and research questions for translational ‘omics’ and biomedical research to promote personalized medicine.